About the Book

Dealing with Early Onset Alzheimer’s: Love, Laughter & Tears is Sonia Discher’s heartbreaking but empowering story of caring for her husband, Steve.

The story follows Steve’s diagnosis with Early Onset Alzheimer’s through treatment, care and his passing. Sonia provides a look behind the curtain of this terrible sickness to reveal small and large things she did to understand the disease, advocate for her husband, care for her family and preserve her sanity throughout a confusing and sad time.

The author achieves the goal of reminding readers that they are not alone. Not only does she lay out functional, day-to-day tips about early warning signs, medication levels, and how to address doctors, nurses and other professional caregivers (among many other areas such as long-term care and hospital stays) are some of the valuable examples included in this personal story. 

Dealing with Early Onset Alzheimer's Love, Laughter & Tears by Sonia Discher

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